Episode 06: 5 Tips for Timelapse Framing

July 22, 2018—In this week’s episode of the Timelapse Show, we’re heading to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah to explore my 5 tips for improving your framing of Timelapse shots. From understanding the Rule of Thirds, to shooting wide and low, I’ll demonstrate how to make sure your timelapse media looks the best it can! Then.. a storm came rolling through! Plus, a spacey timelapse clip of the week! 

Timelapse Clip of the Week: https://www.space.com/41190-space-station-timelapse-north-america-africa.html

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About The Author

Podcaster and video producer Steve Barth is now hosting “The Timelapse Show” featuring news of interest to timelapse video producers and photographers including industry news, product reviews, timelapse demos and education, audience challenges and more! Join him each week as he explores a new aspect of Timelapse production in a fun and insightful way.

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